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Protected areas

"The system of PAs in Russia is pretty complicated. It includes PAs enumerated in respective federal law, as well as, territories of traditional nature use, water protection zone, nut-harvesting zone, specially protected forest areas, protective forests of high conservation value, territories for recreation etc.

WWF spends much attention to the protection of endangered species. Those are the species for conservation of which Russia has a responsibility in front of international society: Amur tiger, Far Eastern leopard, white crane, ounce, Russian desman... "

Y. Bersenev

Is page is created to accumulate all the data on Protected areas (PAs) of the Amur basin.

(c) Eugene Lepeshkin

  • Econet section contains information on Protected areas of different status and territories of different regimes of nature use, as a system, integrated into socio-economic development schemes (WWF).
  • Existing Protected Areas section contains information on currently existing protected areas in the Russian Far East, which ahve status of nature reserve, national park or federal nature refuge.
  • The section Proposed Protected Areas has information on four above mentioned types of PAs which are only planned to created.
  • Apart from that, in Other Protected Areas section, we publish information about such species of PAs as nature parks, nature monuments and other.
  • Additionally, here you can find documentary, legislative, news, mapping, research and photo materials. Our base is updated constantly.

    Federal Law of Russian Federation “On specially protected nature territories” gives PAs the following definition: «Specially protected nature territories are the areas of ground, water and air above them, where are located the nature complexes and objects, which have particular nature protection, scientific, cultural, aesthetic, recreational and healthful importance. They are completely or partially taken out from economic use, according to the decision of national authorities. For those territories special protection regime is established. PAs are the objects of national property. The following categories of PAs are distinguished:
    a) national nature reserve, including biosphere reserves; b) national parks;c) nature parks; d) nature wildlife refuges; e) nature monument; f) dendrological parks and botanical gardens; g) health and recreation localities and resorts; h) other categories, which are established by bodies of executive power by the Russian Federation subject and local government. PAs can have federal, regional or local status».


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