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No more fires on the Land of Leopard! | Amur Information Center / Portal

No more fires on the Land of Leopard!

13,500 pounds sterling that is more than 18 thousand US dollars will be directed for purchasing fire fighting equipment, outfit, communication radio stations and other special facilities for “Kedrovaya pad” nature reserve. The rangers of the nature reserve will be fully armed to struggle every possible fire outbreaks. The additional funds for covering fuel and field expenses during fire dangerous period will be allocated as well. This will certainly improve the effectiveness of rangers’ work running fire fighting operations and preventive measures both on the territory of nature reserve and in “Leopardovy” wildlife refuge.


 In spring 2010, the Whitley Fund for Nature, nature conservation organization from the United Kingdom, announced the first funding contest for the joined project in cooperation with WWF-UK. The goal of this initiative is to improve efficiency of rare species and their habitat protection, as well as to encourage partner relations between the large international organizations such as WWF and local grassroots.


Annually forest fires, which in most cases are caused by human carelessness, bring irrecoverable damage to the south-western Primorye.  The analysis of the satellite images demonstrates that 19% of the territory is burnt out every year, 46% suffers from fires minimum once every six years. According to the official data from 500 to 1000 fire outbreaks are registered every year, and in some areas even several times a year. Every autumn and spring the rangers of “Kedrovaya pad” nature reserve have to turn the fire attacks down not only inside the protected area but to prevent fire penetration from the adjacent territories. Moreover, this is the only place on the planet where the Far Eastern leopard has a chance to survive, which means that both professionals and local people of Primorye together have to think hard about forest conservation issues.


For additional information please contact:

Sergei Bereznyuk, director of “Phoenix” Fund

Tel: (4232) 20-50-48 Fund@phoenix.vl.ru

Elena Starostina, press-officer of WWF-Russia Amur branch

Tel: (4232) 41-48-68 EStarostina@amur.wwf.ru



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