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Новости | Амар мөрөн мэдээллийн төв


World Water day of Amur

On 22 March, during the World Water Day, in Amur basin regions with the support of WWF Russia, the actions, devoted to the conservation of water resources and solution of environmental problems of great Far Eastern river, were conducted.

WWF: no way commercial catch of Amur salmon can be reopened

WWF Russia is worried by the announcement, that had appeared on official web-page of Khabarovsk province on possibility of opening of commercial catch of salmon in Amur river on the territory of the province

Social control over the ESTO-2 was started

The representatives of WWF-Russia and Amur Socio-Ecological Union had went around 200 km along the pipeline in Amur region to check how the construction is conducted.

How do we avoid Russia being turned into the raw material suppyer for China?

Today, on IXth All-Russian forum "Strategic planning in the regions and cities of Russia: Strategies of modernization and modernization of strategies" WWF will present the results of pioneer research of the "green" strategies for competitiveness increase in the Far East of Russia.

Ishaev demands to construct Amur banks protective dams

Ishaev, the representative of Russian president in the Fae East, orders to start constructing bank protection on Amur River under the city of Khabarovsk

For negative impact on environment Primorskiy province had collected 290 million rules

During last 9 months consolidated budget of Primorskiy province had got more than 270 million rubles - the payment for negative influence on the environment.

Scientists are starting monitoring of Amur and Ussury Bays water quality

The expedition of FEB RAS scientists starts the water monitoring of Amur and Ussury bays, condition of which bothers researchers since 2007.

Green school

Ecological brigade "Bars" and Amur Socio-ecological union with the support of WWF and PA department of Amur province administration had carried 11th School of Young Environmental Inspector in the Far East.

Belogorsk village is about to be flooded

In a week the water level in Tom river had rose up to half a meter, having reached the total level of 2 m 80 sm.

Will new accident affect the inhabitants of Amur?

The scientists of Bolon reserve are trying to answer this question. They have been monitoring toxic elements concentrations in protected waters for already five years starting from the accident on chemical plant of Jilin.

Federal Court Bailiffs Service and Department of Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage on the Far East had agreed to cooperate

Due to initiative of Federal Court Bailiffs Service in South-Sakhalinsk took place a meeting called "Organisation of coordination of local government agencies FBS of Russia on collaboration with organs, empowered to take up cases on administrative offence in the sphere of nature protection and environmental control.

The Amur river: new disaster, old source…

WWF calls for the assurance of the international environmental security system for the Amur river, including the establishment of an adequate water protection area of the great river

Khabarovsky province Governor’s Award to WWF

On the World Environment Day Yury Darman, director of WWF-Russia Amur branch, was awarded an honorary certificate of the Governor for great contribution to promoting environmental well-being of Khabarovsky province

Oil spilled into the river in Amurskaya Province

The partner of WWF Russia in Amurskaya Province –Amur SEU (Amur Socio-Ecological Union, NGO) - informed about the details of another wide scale breakdown on the new oil pipeline “Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean”.

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