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News | Амар мөрөн мэдээллийн төв


Amur tiger reminds to the villagers who is the master of taiga

A tiger had come to the seaside village Kievka twice in March. As a result, the villagers had lost three dogs. WWF Russia monitors the situation and reminds of the behavior rules in tiger areal.

The competition of students' research had started in Vladivostok branch of Russian Customs Academy

From 15 March to 15 April in Vladivostok branch of Russian Customs Academy with the support of WWF Russia is conducting the competition of students scientific works, devoted to the issues of rare species traffiking across the Russian border.

Emergency fund helps to preserve ungulates in the tiger habitat in Primorskiy and Khabarovskiy Provinces

The Hunting Department of Primorskiy Province, WWF Russia and WCS had finalized the results of the program of hunting estates support during unfavorable weather conditions of the passed winter

200 km along the tiger rout with WWF employee

In Primorskiy and Khabarovskiy province the monitoring of Amur tiger number and its habitats is continued. Pavel Fomenko is a coordinator of this job.

In Primorskiy province the specialists are getting ready for "snow" leopard census

The census of Far Eastern leopard is getting started in February by the Hunting Department of Primorskiy Province, Pacific Institute of Georgaphy,Biology-Soil institute of FEB RAS, "Kedrovaya Pad" nature reserve and WWF.

The student from Vladivostok "adopted" a tiger

Elena Maslova, a student from Russian-American dept. of Far Eastern State University, became the first participant of WWF program of the Tiger Year - "Adopt a tiger"

Human and tiger: is the human to be blamed?

According to the updated information, Primorsky province Hunting department appealed for the criminal case initiation to Krasnoarmeiskii regional office of internal affairs. WWF Russia supports Hunting department position.

Those who attacked the ranger were convicted

Poachers, who attacked the ranger of Primorskiy province hunting department, Dmitriy Bakholdin - a multiple winner of the of WWF Russia awards in the field of tiger protection - were convicted.

Human and tiger - a conflict again

According to the information of Hunting and Wildlife Dept. of Primorskiy Province, Amur tiger had attacked a human in Krasnoarmeiskiy region. WWF expresses its concern in the situation.

Feed the birds

It is so pleasant to hear the whistling of sparrows, cooing of pigeons and in winter, observe red feathers of bullfinch and crests of waxbird. But everything changes, when severe frost and off-year come... What poor birds are going to do?

Today, a poacher was convicted for killing a tiger

720 000 rubles - his is the fine for the poacher from Ussuriysk for killing an Amur tiger. The verdict is a turning point of the judicial practice, as WWF experts say

The delegates of the Youth forum had seen a real tiger route and learned what is.... a snowball fight

On 20-21 of November, the delegates of International Youth Tiger Summit attended the state nature refuge "Leopardoviy" and hunting estate "Orlinoe" in taiga forest - home for a tiger.

Russia introduces a ban on Korean Pine logging

The Government of Russia has taken a huge step to save key Amur tiger habitats by banning Korean Pine logging.

An International Youth Tiger Forum will be opened on 19th of November

On 19th of November, in Vladivostok, there will be an opening of International Youth tiger forum and foundation of symbolic "Tiger rout"

The planet has lost another Red Book Cat

Right before the beginning of the Tiger Forum in St. Petersburg the Amur tiger was killed in Primorye. After the investigation, the materials were sent to the Police Department for prosecution.

In the year of Tiger, International Youth Forum on tiger conservation will take place in Primorye

Due to the initiative of WWF and Administration of Primorskiy province, an International Youth Tiger Summit will be undertaken. It unites active youth of the world in global tasks on tiger conservation.

Tiger murder should not stay unpunished

In Primorye, the investigation of female tiger murder on the territory of WWF model hunting estate "Borisovskoe" was finished. The case was brought to court.

"Sidatun" appeal

On the size of payment for hunting area use in Primorsky kray after signing hunting permit

Veteran anti-poaching ranger awarded top WWF honours

Windsor, UK – Anatoly Belov, a long-time Russian anti-poaching ranger working on the frontlines of protecting tigers has been awarded the 2010 WWF Duke of Edinburgh Conservation medal.

WWF supporters had counted tiger and leopard

Due to phototraps, purchased by the WWF supporters, Amur tiger and Far Eastern leopard monitoring is going on successfully

Tiger Day in Blagoveshensk

On the second of October in the scientific library dozens of... tigers had gathered: druzhina "Bars" and Amur SEU with the support of WWF had conducted the Tiger Day in Blagoveshensk.

Leaders of Far Eastern tiger marathon had visited Changbaishan

The winners of an ecological marathon "Along the tiger route" - teachers and specialists of ecological education departments of Nature Protected Areas and national parks of the south of the Far East - with the support of WWF - had visited national park "Changbaishan", PRC.

Tiger monitoring results: Not catastrophic, but still cause for concern

WWF-Russia is glad to inform its supporters: the data of tiger monitoring turned out to be more reassuring than the results of 2009 and showed that the tiger number in Primorsky and Khabarovsky provinces are comparable with the results of the year of 2007.

Primorskiy and Khabarovskiy province had passed the estafette of Tiger Day celebration to Amur and Evreiskaya province

Tiger Day celebration in the Far East had took a colossal rate: this time the festival became a finale of WWF initiative - marathon "Along tiger rout", which involved participation of 15 Nature Reserves and 3 National Parks.

During tiger day in Vladivostok - WWF was giving people an opportunity to plant their own Korean pine and reviewing the results of "Along the tiger rout" marathon

"We save korean pine - we save tiger" - under this motto a column of WWF supporters went through the main street of Vladivostok on the Tiger day. People were holding pots with juvenile pines - a symbol of tiger habitat conservation.

In the Refuges of Amur region game managers had started a fire-prevention treatment of stork nests

Within the frame of cooperation between WWF Russia and Administration of Amur province "Keepers of stork nests" a fire-prevention treatment of Far eastern white stork nests had started in regional refuges.

Students from Russia and Germany are walking by the tiger route in Primorye

The participants of the expedition "Along the tiger route" organized by WWF-Russia had already visited in the South of Primorskiy province and now continue their trip in the Bikin river basin. The finale of the expedition is a Tger Day in Vladivostok

Today Chinese smugglers were convicted in Vladivostok

WWF consider the Primorskiy court decision to be fair in the case with three Chinese citizens, who were trying to cross state border between China and Russa with three tiger skins. The criminals got different terms of freedom deprivation.

International Forum on problems connected with tiger conservation

From 21 to 24 November of 2010 in St. Petersburg an International Forum on problems connected with tiger conservation will be held

Russian-German expedition "Along the tiger's rout" in Primorye

With the support of WWF of Russia and Germany a youth international expedition "Along the tiger's rout" will take place in Primorskiy province since11 to 17 of September. Young people from the age of 18 to 24, German journalists and WWF representatives will be participating in this expedition. The aim of which is to give its participants all possible information concerning the rare predator of our planet - Amur tiger. As organizations hope, these people, in the future, will be participants of international youth movement "Tiger's ambassadors".

Documentaries about tigers of the world will be shown at the film festival in Vladivostok

8th International film festival of Pacific Countries "Pacific Meridian" and WWF-Russia for the first time present to the spectatorsthe program called "Amba". The most significant movies of the last years, telling the story of tiger conservation were included into this program.

Poacher was convicted for killing two bears

A poacher, who killed two bears and left two of their cubs to die in the forest in winter, was convicted. Unfortunately, he got only 10 month of corrective labor.

WWF helps customs to control illegal timber export

New issue of WWF-Russia "Timber species and main wood flaws. Illustrated issue for customs officers" will be spread for free among customs agencies.

The harvesting had started in Primorskiy province to support taiga's wild animals

Hunting estates of Primorskiy province had started harvesting to support wild ungulates in taiga during winter and abundant snow.

International tiger day in Primorskiy province was celebrated symbolically

The dweller of Ussury region was caught at the attempt to sell Amur tiger bones. He was accused of illegal hunt on the rare red-book predator.

Cooperation on nature protection initiated between Russian and Chinese Customs Academies

Meeting of Russian and Chinese experts was held in Vladivostok in the framework of realization of MOU signed between Russian and Shanghai Customs Academies. WWF Russia and TRAFFIC were involved as experts in nature conservation.

Seizure of contraband ginseng root in Primorye

The customs officers from Ussuriiskii customs house has ceased the contraband of wild ginseng during the attempt of its trafficking to China by a regular bus. The specialists of WWF-Russia provided expert support.

Clean shore - 2010

In the beginning of June in Primorye, according to the tradition, initiated by WWF-Russia, the Clean-shore initiative had started.

Ecotrain-2010 on the Land of Leopard

With the support of WWF in the south-west of Primorye, where two species of rare wild cats live - Amur tiger and Far eastern leopard live, spring action Ecotrain took place. Its stewards were school environmental patrols.

Tour “along tiger trail”

The new stage of the marathon “Along tiger trail” initiated by WWF was launched in the Far East. Its participants are 15 nature reserves and 3 national parks, 4 nature protection brigades and 9 grassroots organizations

Many happy returns of the Tiger Day

Tenth Tiger Day was held in Vladivostok on September 27. WWF has prepared to celebrate the jubilee – tenth in a row – “Tiger Day” on a large scale.

Искусственные опоры для гнезд аистов начали строить в Амурской области

Защитники животных начали устанавливать в Амурской области искусственные опоры под гнезда дальневосточного аиста.

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