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News | Амар мөрөн мэдээллийн төв


Reserve's routine

When the fire season started, Sikhote-Alin reserve had prepared different measures to prevent forest fires.

12 May - the day of environmental education

There is more and more dates in the calendar, about which we know nothing. 12 May - the day of environmental education, but what is it famous for?

Fires on the Land of Leopard: some set a fire and remain unpunished, others heroically fight it

WWF believes that it's impossible to break the vicious circle of fighting fires without a tough punishment for those who set them, and without a real responsibility of land users for fires and for environmental damage.

The spring hunt for natatorials is ending. What's left?

Together with the rangers of Hunting Department of Primorskiy Province and WWF Russia the raid for poachers fighting in the south regions of Primorskiy province was undertaken.

Sikhote-Alin reserve had celebrated World Water Day

During the past week, Sikhote-Alin reserve had an activity, devoted to World Water Day

Plant the forest for leopard!

In this International Year of Forest of WWF invite volunteers to participate in "Plant a forest for the leopard!", conducted in the spring of 2011 within the frame of habitat restoration for the Far Eastern leopard.

Amur basin council had considered the Scheme of complex use and protection of waterbodies of Amur river basin

The recommendations of WWF and other NGOs, as well as Khabarovsk and Amur provinces administrations, will be included into the Scheme of complex use and protection of water bodies of Amur river basin.

Amur days took place in Bolonskiy and Komsomolskiy reserves of Khabarovskiy province

The reserves of Priamurye are the main driving force of Amur Days, which are conducted according to the decision of Coordination committee on Amur with the support of WWF and want to draw attention to the problems of wetlands conservation.

The results of the competition "Feed the birds"

Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve had joined the all-Russian action "Feed the birds"

Visit-center of PAs in Zabaykalskiy Province is gathering Amur's friends

With the support of Federal Service of supervision over nature resources exploitation and WWF Russia a visit-center of PAs of Zabaikalskiy Province is working more than a year. And now it is participating in "Days of Amur" campaign.

In the Land of Leopard the first fires were fought with

New fire season in the South-West of Primorsky province will become a serious challenge for the system of prevention and fighting with the fires, creating by WWF for the conservation and restoration of the forest habitat of Fae Eastern leopard.

Environmental fairy-tale: truth or reality

11 February 2011, within the frame of Amur Year, declared by WWF, in 'Environmental-biological center' a contest of green activists: "Environmental fairy-tale: truth or reality" among the school kids of the town.

There is a "Week of open doors" in Sikhote-Alin reserve

From 7th ro 11th of February a "Week of Open Doors" is taking place in Sikhote-Alin reserve. The employees of environmental and science dept. are organizing environmental activities for school-kids.

The future of Amur depends on present solutions

In the days of celebration of 40 years of Ramsar convention - WWF of Russia appeal to regions, located in Amur Basin, to fulfill the president's instruction on preparation of Federal program on protection and sustainable development of water and biological resources of Amur.

A present to the Planet Earth from Amur region

The decrees on new refuges were singed by the governor of Amur region on New Year's Eve, the finish the network, developed with the participation of WWF 15 years ago.

The help of WWF Russia supporters helps to protect the Land of Leopard from the fires

Firefighting equipment, that was bought during fall fire season on the money of WWF-supporters, had helped to stop the fire in the south-west of Primorskiy Province - in the areas of tiger and leopard habitat.

If everyone lits one match

Between 9 and 12 December, a conference devoted to the 50th anniversary of Nature Protection Brigades of MSU biology dept. took place.

Forest manager had lost his job because of illegal logging in 'Taezhniy' Nature Refuge. The only thing left is to stop the logging

Krasnoarmeiskiy Regional Court had dismissed a forest manager of Roshinskiy branch of KGU "Primles" from his post. WWF Russia believes, that this court decision will help to solve the main problem - to stop the logging in "Taezhniy" nature refuge.

Another wildlife refuge was created in Amur Province

On December 10, Oleg Kozhemyako had sign a decree on creation of a provincial wildlife refuge "Nizhne-Norskiy" with an area of 30 280 ha, created with WWF support

Big presents to the tiger park

Before Tiger Forum, WWF of Russia had helped Anuy National Park to purchase an administrative building and Ministry of Natural Resources had provided the equipment and ensured nature conservation actions.

Sredneussuriyskiy Wildlife Refuge must become the guarantee of forest and Amur tiger conservation

In the open letter to the first persons of the state, inhabitants of Pozharskiy region of Primorskiy province are demanding the logging to be stopped and Sredneussuriyskiy Wildlife Refuge to be created - to provide a corridor for tiger movement from Russia to Wandashan in China.

Putin had ordered to improve the concept of Nature Reserves development

Russian Prime Minister Putin had a meeting on Friday on the development of the Protected Areas system of the Federal importance till 2020.

New protected areas are created in Priamurye!

Within the frame of new program of cooperation between the government of Amur region and WWF Russia in Amur province, was created a new refuge "Tokinskiy" and buffer zone of "Zhelundinskiy" refuge.

Bolshekhekhtsirskiy State Nature Reserve had participated in the international conference on forest fires

Bolshekhekhtsirskiy State Nature Reserve had participated in the international conference on "Forest fires: management and international cooperation in the field of prevention of forest fires in Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation", which took place in Khabarovsk between 4 and 6 October 2010.

On the festival of the Land of Leopard kids had shook a paw of a rare cat

The festival "The Land of Leopard", orginized by the Department of Administration of Khasanskiy and Nadezhdinskiy region of Primorskiy province with the support of WWF-Russia, took place on 18-19 of September in the sowth-west of Primorye.

The leaders of Tiger Marathon had gathered on Popova Island

With the support of WWF and on the basis of the center of environmental education of Marine Nature Reserve was conducted a workshop for children - leaders of the "Year of tiger" company and representatives of eco-educational departments of Protected Areas.

Jilin province of China and Primorsky province of Russia: collaboration on tiger and leopard conservation

Signing an agreement on collaboration between wildlife authorities of Jilin and Primorsky provinces became one of the events at the Amur Tiger Cultural Festival in Chinese city of Hunchun on 29-30 August.

Leopard news

29 августа вице-премьер Правительства РФ Сергей Иванов посетил заповедник «Кедровая Падь» и провел специальное совещание, посвященное выполнению его поручений по сохранению леопарда в юго-западном Приморье.

Department of Presidential Affairs had ditched a plan to built another president's residence

Department of Presidential Affairs had announced that they had scrap the plan to build president's residence on Gamov Penninsula. The decision was made under the pressure of ecologists and general public - the construction could have jeopardized the unique reserve

Встреча друзей тигра и леопарда на заповедном острове Приморья

From 19 to 29 July, a traditional environmental "Land of Leopard" camp was conducted, with the support of WWF, on the basis of Center of environmental education of the Far Eastern Marine reserve on Popva island.

Deputies had discussed the problems of PAs

Prior to the Tiger Summit, Deputies and the Heads of Regional Dumas of Primorskiy region had discussed the problems of Specially Protected areas

No more fires on the Land of Leopard!

WWF and “Phoenix” Fund have joined forces combating fires on the Land of Leopard

Improvement of the regional Protected Areas management in Amur basin

International workshop on this topic, organized by WWF-Russia, regional Wildlife Protection Agency and PA's directorate, was held between 4th and 7th of June in Amur province.

The alley of cedars and pines had appeared next to 41 school of Khabarovsk

Chronicles of Tiger Marathon: the friends of Bolshekhekhtsirsky nature reserve, while leaving school, planted an alley of pines and cedars as a remembrance of themselves.

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