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How to take part in planting of 1 000 000 cedars on the Land of Leopard

More than 200 of volunteers had already singed up to participate in WWF and CitiBank company "Plant the cedar!", which will start in the end of April in the South-West of Primorskiy province in the habitat of the rarest cat in the world.

Bikin become a worlds heritage

Natural object "The valley of Bikin river" on the basis of the documents, prepared by WWF, Greenpeace and partners, according to the request of Ministry of Nature of Russia was included into preliminary list of UNESCO

Russian-German partnership in the field of Bikin river protection - is for the benefit of Amur tiger

Today, on 22 of November, in St. Petersburg, within the frame of International forum on tiger conservation problems, Russian-German intergovernmental meeting will take place and it will be devoted to discussions of new approaches to tiger conservation.

Public opinion against logging in key tiger habitats

Auction for logging rights in protective forests, scheduled for October 26, not held

WWF demands to take key tiger habitat off the forest auction

Even before the International Forum on tiger conservation, which will take place in November in St. Petersburg, foresters of Primorye do not give up the promise to log off the most important tiger habitats in two years...

WWF beats the alarm: the key habitats of Amur tiger are given for logging again

On 20 October, at 2 p.m. will be held an urgent press-conference devoted to the forest auction in Primorskiy province. The comments will be given by WWF representatives from both Russia and the USA.

Forest fires in Primorskiy province, fall 2010

Since the beginning of fire season more than 150 forest fires had happened on the area of 7.8 thousand ha in Primorskiy Province

Regions can appoint responsible managers for forest fires

State Duma had adopted corrections to the Forest Code, which segregate the power between federal and regional government in forest management. Document was prepared by the deputies. RiaNovosty

WWF starts to prepare for the fire season in the Far East of Russia

At present moment, fires, which were burning several days ago in Moscow province, move towards Ural mountains. In fall they will come to the south of the Far East, where unique coniferous-broadleaved forests are growing - which are a home for Far Eastern leopard and Amur tiger.

Concerning gaspipe Sakhlin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok

A meeting of working group on environmental safety of Interdepartmental Comission on effective use of Nature resources and environmental safety in the Far Eastern Federal District had discussed problems of construction of Sakhlin-Khabarovsk-Vladivostok gaspipe.

Current situation with forest fires in the Far East of Russia

The number of forest Fires in the Far Eastern region had risen twice from seven up to 13. Four of them were liqudated

Korean pine returns to the Land of Leopard

With the support of WWF in Khasan region of Primorye was started a beginning of the forest work at the area of nature protection lease in the areal of the Far Eastern leopard: on four ha first planting was done.

В Приморском крае полным ходом идет рубка кедра. Кто и когда остановит ее?

Пока в Приморье обсуждается вопрос о включения кедра корейского в краевую Красную книгу, не менее 5 000 кубометров кедра, по оценкам WWF, незаконно заготовлено только в одном участковом лесничестве - Таежном.

Огненный шторм прошел по Земле Леопарда

Огненный шторм прошел по Земле Леопарда Тысячи гектаров лесных земель выгорели за апрель на Юго-Западе Приморья. WWF России призывает жителей края и органы власти не допустить нового витка пожаров в праздничные майские дни.

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