Wetlands of Dauria

Caption  :  Erguna/Argun before flood.Heishantou. Inner Mongolia. May 2006.Photo by Daniel Hanish
Caption  :  Flood on Erguna/Argun River. Heishantou. Inner Mongolia. Photo by Daniel Hanish
Caption  :  Reed beds - favorite habitat of Red-crowned crane. Photo by Oleg Goroshko
Caption  :  Local herder. Genhe river valley. June 2006.Photo by Dan Hanisch.
Caption  :  In early May Argun/Erguna river valley is full of geese. Photo by Guo Yumin.
Caption  :  Dalai Lake near Hulungou. August 2007. Photo by E.Cybikova.
Caption  :  Swan goose. Mother hiding on the nest. Photo by Oleg Goroshko
Caption  :  Daurian Cuties. Photo by Oleg Goroshko
Caption  :  Torey lake. Daursky Biosphere Reserve. Chitinskaya Province. Photo by Bart Wickel.
Caption  :  Relic gull. Photo by E.Tkachenko
Caption  :  Dry Lake. Toson-hulstai nature reserve. Dornod. September 2006. Photo by Vadim Kiriliuk
Caption  :  White-naped crane. Photo by Guo Yumin
Caption  :  First ice on Onon river. October 2007. Tcasuchei village. Chitinskaya Province. Photo by E.Simonov
Caption  :  Swans and ducks on spring migration in Huliyetu nature reserve. Argun/Erguna river wetlands. Photo by Guo Yumin.
Caption  :  Starotsurukhaitui Meadow in Argun river floodplain. Photo by E.Simonov
Caption  :  Huihe National Nature Reserve. Best preserved large floodplain in Chinese Dauria. Photo by E.Simonov
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