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Wetlands at confluence of three rivers: Sanjiang-Middle Amur Plain
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Place where Amur, Songhua and Ussury rivers form enormous floodplain is called "Sanjiang Plain" in China and "Middle Amur Plain" in Russia. It is the center of Amur Wetlands Global 200 ecoregion and eastern part of Amur meadow steppe ecoregion. These are wetlands of international importance which serves as the nesting area for more than 169 nesting birds, including IUCN 1 category species such as Red-crowned crane (5% of World population) and Oriental white stork (10% of World population). The important stopover for migratory birds on North East Asia flyway (2-3 millions of migrants). The freshwater ecosystems with highest in North Asia biodiversity (130 species of fish, including including species of salmon and sturgeon) and the northernmost breeding habitats for Chinese soft-shell turtle. This is the only wildness corridor forĀ  migration of many species between Russia and China across Amur and Ussuri Rivers.

Region undergoes fast degradation. The Tarabarovy (Heixiazi) islands at the confluence of Amur and Ussuru rivers are threatened with a fast future development. The rapid agricultural development of Sanjian Plain in China leads to converting of last wetlands and forested areas to the rural landscape. The human-induced fires lead to degradation of ecosystems and further de-forestration of the area. The over-harvest of fish leads to extirpation of valuable species of salmon and sturgeon. Waters downstream from Songhua River Mouth is the most polluted stretch of Amur river.


Oriental White Stork - symbol of Amur Wetlands (Photo by WWF - Klimenko)




Amur-Heilong on the Globe

Topography of Amur Heilong River basin



Introductory tour of Amur basin


GIS: Amur-Heilong NaturalĀ  Heritage


In March enormous Amur floodplain between Khabarovsk and Fuyuan is still frozen. (Photo by E.Simonov)


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