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Waters and water management

Ecosystems and ecoregions

Species diversity and use of biological resources

Nature conservation: econet and protected areas

Countries & cultures


Land use

International policy

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The following web-sites could help to learn more about Amur-Heilong River Basin and conservation work there:


Ecoregions and Conservation planning:

Conservation Action Plan for RFE

Ecological Networks in Russia: An Ecoregional Approach. – Moscow, 2003. In English. 32 pages.

The main approaches and plans for Econet creation for the period till 2012 are published in WWF RFE CAP (Darman et al, 2002) and in booklet for last World Park Congress (2003)

Olson DM, Dinerstein E. 2001. Terrestrial Ecoregions of the World: A New Map of Life on Earth. BioScience 3., Vol.51 No. 10.

Amur Headwaters: Magnificent Transbaikalia. Biodiversity of the Region in Pictures.Project by Oleg Korsun

Our Amur. Science magazine. – Vladivostok, 2003. 16 pages


Flagship Species:

focal species are well describe in special reports

Amur Fish: Wealth and Crisis. 2004. Analytical review. Vladivostok. 51 p.

Dr. Xanthippe Augerot. Atlas of Pacific Salmon. State of the Salmon Consortium. Berkley: UCP, 2005.

The Far Eastern Leopard: Life on the Edge (PDF, 2.9 Mb)

Strategy for conservation of the Far Eastern leopard in Russia. - Moscow-Vladivostok, 1999, 32 pages, 1000 copies. In Russian and English

Strategy for Conservation of the Amur Tiger in Russia. - Moscow-Vladivostok., 1996, 40 pages, 1000 copies. In Russian and English

Amur mountain bogs - Hooded cranes -


Land-use issues:

Illegal Logging in the Southern Part of the Russian Far East. - Moscow., 2002, 18 pages, 1500 copies. In Russian and English.

The World's Last Intact Forest Landscapes (poster). 2006. Greenpeace.

Trapping a living: Conservation and socio-economic aspects of the fur trade in the Russian Far East . – Moscow , 2005, 49 pages. July 2005


General WWF publications:

All WWF Russia English-language publications:

ALL WWF Russia Amur Branch Publications in Russian:



Amur-Heilong on the Globe

Basemap of Amur Heilong River basin

Topography of Amur Heilong River basin

Political divisions



Introductory tour of Amur basin



Amur-Heilong Natural  Heritage



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Guidance from compiler


Amur-Heilong River Basin at a glance

Table on Amur comparison with other basins

Natural and Cultural  Heritage of Amur

Guide to environmental information sources

Useful links on Amur-Heilong River Basin issues

Amur-Heilong River Basin Reader – link to full PDF and References




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