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Waters and water management

Ecosystems and ecoregions

Species diversity and use of biological resources

Nature conservation: econet and protected areas

Countries & cultures


Land use

International policy

Nature conservation: econet and protected areas
Selected Amur-Heilong PAs and proposed fields of cooperation
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Selected established NR (province1, country2)

Selected planned NR
(province1, country2)

Proposed areas for cooperation

Daurian Steppe Global 200 (includes 3 ecoregions)

Mongol-Daguur NNR (Dornod, M)
Dalainur NNR, Huihe NNR, Tumuji NNR, Erguna wetlands NR, (ARIM, C)
Momoge NNR, Xianghai NNR (JL, C)
Zhalong NNR (HL, C)
Daursky NNR (Chita, R)
Alkhanay NNR (ABAP, R)
Aginskaya Steppe, (Aginskii -Buriatsky,R)

Argun river and Onon  River floodplain wetland (Chita\ARIM,R/C)
Buir Lake (Dornod,M)
Duldurginski (Aginskii okrug,R)

Migratory birds conservation
Wetland conservation
Grassland conservation and fire management;
Conservation of migrating Mongolian gazelle
Ecotourism development
Trilateral environmental education on Daurian steppe

Trans-Baikal conifer forests

Onon-Balj NNR, Khan KhentyNNR (Khenty,M)
Sokhondinsky NNR, Mountain Steppe NR (Chita,R)

"Source of Amur" IPA

Planning a transboundary reserve network;
Joint measures to prevent poaching of migratory species
Forest conservation as waters supplier
Prevention of wildfires
Research on preservation of forest-grassland ecosystem

Da Xing-an-Dzhagdy Mountains conifer forests

Wuma,Erguna,Shiiwei NR (ARIM, C)
Huzhong NNR, Nanwenhe NNR, Humahe, Beijikong (HL, C)
Simonovsky, Tolbuzinsky, Urushinsky NR (Amurskaya, R)

Gazimur Relic Oaks (Chita, R)
Verkheamurskii, Bussevskii (Amurskaya, R)

Boreal forest research;
Conservation of forests logged for pulp and paper;
Studies of upper Amur/Argun valley

Manchurian mixed forests

Small Hinggan Mountains

Khingansky NNR, Khingano-Arkharinsky NR (Amurskaya, R)
Bastak NNR, Dichun NR, Schuki-Pokhtoi NR (EAP, R)
Wuyilin NNR, Dazhanhe NNR, Xinqin NR (HL, C)
Taipinggou (HL, C),

Pompeevsky NNR (EAP, R)

Conservation of Lesser Xing’an forest and wetland ecosystem;
Research and protection of large mammals;
Ecological tourism development in Xing’an Gorge;
Conserve and restore fish habitat (salmonid);
Research on Korean pine forest use and protection.

Ussuri broadleaf and mixed forests

Dongfanghong NR, Zhenbaodao NR, Dajiahe NR. (HL,C)
Strelnikov Corridor NR(Khabarovsky, R)

Wandashan tiger NR (HL, C),
Bikinskii Tiger corridor, Alchan-Bikinsky NR (Primorsky, R)

Conserve Ussuri Watershed (Under 1996 MOU of HL, Khabarovsky and Primorsky);
Tiger conservation;
Research and protection of endemic species
Expand, strengthen ecological network along Wusuli-Ussuri River

Corridor to Changbai Mountains mixed forests

Hunchun, Wanqing, Tianfozhishan  (JL,C)
Fenghuangshan, Erduan NR (HL. C);
Kedrovaya Pad , Barsovyi NNR, Borisovskoe Plateau, Poltavsky NR (Primorsky, R)
Changbaishan NNR(JL.C)

Land of Leopard IPA
Tiger and leopard corridors (Jilin, C)

Leopard and tiger conservation;
Wildfire prevention;
Reforestation and habitat restoration

Amur meadow- steppe

Sanjiang NNR, Honghe NNR, Bachadao NNR, Naoilihe, Duluhe NR (HL, C),
Bastak/Zabelovsky/ NNR, Zhuravliny (JAP, R)
Bolshekhekhtsirsky NNR (Khabarovsky,R)

Jiayin  wetland (Hl.C);
Khor-Podkhorenok (Khab.R)
Heixiazi/Tarabarovy Islands

Cooperative transboundary sus-dev projects (Fuyuan-Khabarovsk)
Expand and strengthen protection in Wusuli-Ussuri Corridor
Recover endangered bird populations (stork, cranes)
Monitor pollution and water infrastructure impacts
Conserve and restore sturgeon

Suifen-Khanka meadows and forest meadows

Xingkaihu NNR, Zhenbaodao, Hukou, Dongfanghong wetland NR (HL, C)
Khankaisky NNR (Primorsky, R)

Song'acha expansion of Khankaisky NNR (Primorsky, R)

Joint monitoring of lake ecosystem and migratory birds;
Expand, strengthen protection in Song’acha River wetlands and Ussuri River valley;
Develop sustainable ecotourism
Wildfire management
Khanka Lake environmental education program;
Fisheries management and protection

1ARIM = Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia; EAP = Evreiskaya Autonomous Province; HL = Heilongjiang Province; JL = Jilin Province; 2C = China; M = Mongolia; R = Russia, NNR=National -level protected area, NR=provincial or local protected area.


Protected areas of Eurasia

Protected areas and human footprint

Protected areas of Amur-Heilong (all)

Major protected areas of Amur-Heilong

Vegetation map

Terrrestrial ecoregions

Global 200 Ecoregions

Freshwater ecoregions

Upper Ussury –Lake Khanka.

Khanka Lake international nature reserve

Small Hinggan transboundary area (Manchurian forests ecoregion)

Dauria Steppe Global 200 ecoregion

Detailed hydrography of Amur River basin

Wetlands of Amur

Human footprint and ecoregions of Amur

Threats to biodiversity in Southern Russian Far East



Protected areas in Russia

Protected areas in China

Protected areas in Mongolia

Three gorges of the dragon river

Introductory tour of Amur basin

Way to the Ocean.Okhotsk - Manchurian Taiga

Da Hinggan - Dzhagdy forest ecoregion in Russia

Stanovoi Range: taiga and tundra

Ussury forests

Small Hinggan


Daurian steppe

Song-Nen plain

Amur meadows and wetlands – Amur midflow

Khanka Lake and Upper Ussury Wetlands

Lower Amur Wetlands


GIS: Ecological network


International birdwatching at Khanka Lake in Xinkaihu NNR (Photo by E.Simonov)

Also look:

Protected areas in Amur-Heilong River basin:

Protected areas coverage in Amur River Basin

Protected areas types in Russia, Mongolia, China

Russian protected areas

Mongolian protected areas

China nature reserves

Protected areas planning

Cooperation between nature reserves


Econet-ecological networks:

WWF Vision for Amur-Heilong Conservation

Conservation along the border

Wetland conservation

Grassland conservation and migratory wildlife

Major wetland regions of the Amur-Heilong River basin ( Table )

Ecological Network for Amur: The Amur-Heilong Green Belt Concept


Model areas for transboundary conservation:

Dauria international Protected Area-DIPA

Middle Amur –Sanjiang wetlands

Khanka –Ussury wetlands and forests

Small Hinggan Mountains-Three Gorges of Dragon River

Land of the Leopard


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