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Waters and water management

Ecosystems and ecoregions

Species diversity and use of biological resources

Nature conservation: econet and protected areas

Countries & cultures


Land use

International policy

International policy
Examples of Bilateral and Regional Conventions, Agreements and Regional Action Plans
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•  Convention on Protection of Migratory and Rare Bird Species, 1973 (Russia and Japan)

•  Convention on Conserving Migratory Birds and Their Environment, 1976 (Russia and US)

•  Agreement on Protection of Migratory Birds, 1986 (China and Japan)

•  Agreement on Protection of Migratory Birds, 1987 (Russia and Democratic People Republic of Korea)

•  Agreement on Protection of Migratory Birds, 1994 (Russia and Republic of Korea)

•  Agreement on Protection of Migratory Bird Species and Their Habitats, 1998 (China and Australia)

•  Memorandum of Understanding on Environmental Principles Governing the Tumen River Economic Development Area and Northeast Asia , 1995

•  Memorandum of Understanding on Measures to Conserve the Red-Crowned Crane, 1993

•  Kusiro Initiative on Conserving Migratory Species of Waterfowl and Their Wetland Habitats along the East Asian-Australian Flyway, 1994

•  Strategy for Asia-Pacific Migratory Waterbird Conservation: 2001-2005

•  Action Plan and Protected Areas Network in East Asia for Conserving Coastal Birds, 1996

•  Priorities for Conserving Wetlands in Northeastern Asia , 1997

•  Action Plan for Conserving Migratory Ducks along the East Asian Flyway from 2001-2005

•  Asia-Pacific Action Plan for Migratory Cranes – a Network of Crane Stop-over Areas in Northeast Asia 2001


Map: Overlapping GEF projects in Amur-Heilong River basin (PPT SLIDE)


Photo: International cooperation


Migrating geese over Argun/Erguna floodplain (Photo by Guo Yumin)


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Need for a Cooperation Framework

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China-Mongolia environmental agreements

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Ramsar convention in Amur Basin

Participation in biodiversity conventions

GEF in Amur Basin


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