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International policy
GEF in the Amur Heilong River Basin
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The Amur-Heilong River basin frequently draws the attention of the Global Environment Facility or GEF and other international environmental agencies. To date GEF has supported several basin projects that have been completed or ongoing:

•  UNDP-GEF Protected areas in Eastern Mongolia (final report was due in 2006))

•  UNDP-GEF TumenNet (1997-2002) – which covers the Tumen River Basin and the Daurian Global Ecoregion with Russia, China, Mongolia, and both Koreas participating.

•  WB-GEF Midsize Amur tiger protected areas in Khabarovsky province, Russia (2002-2005)

•  WB-GEF Fire prevention in high conservation value forests of Amur-Ussuri region in Russia – PDF-B (2004-2005), full project to be started someday.

•  UNDP-GEF Sustainable Use of Wetlands in China Project (restarted after midterm review in 2005)- with national, provincial and Sanjiang site components all relevant to the Amur-Heilong basin;

•  UNEP-GEF Conservation of the Globally Significant Wetlands and Migration Corridors required by Siberian Cranes and Other Globally Significant Migratory Water birds in Asia (2003-2007))- - involves nature reserves and institutions from Russia and China;

•  ADB-GEF Songhua River Flood, Wetland & Biodiversity Management Project , China (PDF B 1999-2001) addressed integrated river basin management issues relating flood prevention to wetland conservation;

•  ADB-GEF Sanjiang Plains Wetlands Protection Project (full project started in 2006)- - addresses wetland conservation and upland restoration in Khanka-Xingkai lowlands and Middle Amur-Heilong plain in the China part of the basin;

•  GEF-UNDP-WWF Dauria Wetland-Steppe Midsize Project (planned to start in 2006):addresses conservation of wetland-grassland ecosystem in the Russian part of the Amur-Heilong headwaters – for years in pipeline -never started;

•  UNEP-GEF Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis for Khanka/Xingkai Lake (2002-2004):served as PDF-A phase for Integrated Management of the Amur-Heilong River Basin Project

•  UNEP-GEF Integrated Management of the Amur-Heilong River Basin Project: PDF-B started 2006 development of a basin-wide regional framework for integrated management of the Amur-Heilong basin and associated continental and Sakhalin Island coastal areas in China Russia and Mongolia.-presently under major adjustment

•  Several GEF projects that address environmental conditions in North East Asia coastal waters influenced by river runoff.


While these GEF projects are most closely related to the Amur-Heilong River basin, there are still at least seven more projects being implemented or planned in the basin, all relating to broader environmental issues. Many internationally funded non-GEF projects have also been completed or are underway in the basin under the administration of WWF, ADB, or WCS. Preparation for most of these projects has not been fully coordinated and each, at best, mentions a few others where there is potential for sharing activities or resources. There is often significant overlap, duplication, and missed opportunities for more powerful and lasting basin-wide benefits. Future projects should review the existing knowledge base to avoid this wasteful cycle in the future.

The task is to promote better coordination among the GEF and non-GEF projects underway in the basin and to capture the synergy from the many existing initiatives. Each project should promote the same set of international treaties and agreements, and the same regional conservation objectives.


Map: Overlapping GEF projects in Amur-Heilong River basin (PPT SLIDE)


Photo: International cooperation



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