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Guidance from compiler

Amur-Heilong River Basin at a glance

Table on Amur comparison with other basins

Natural and Cultural Heritage of Amur


Guide to environmental information sources

Useful links on Amur-HeilongRiver Basin issues

Amur-Heilong River Basin Readerlink to full PDF and References



Amur-Heilong on the Globe

Basemap of Amur Heilong River basin

Topography of Amur Heilong River basin

Political divisions

Introductory tour of Amur basin

GIS: Amur-Heilong Natural Heritage

GIS: Amur Topography


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Amur climate

Precipitation in Amur-Heilong River Basin

Temperature in Amur-Heilong River Basin

Climate fluctuations, floods and droughts in Amur-Heilong River Basin

Cranes and storks and climate change in Middle Amur

Great Bustard and White-naped Crane response to climate cycles in Dauria

Global climate change predictions and signs in Amur-Heilong River Basin

Ecosystem response to climate change in Amur-Heilong River Basin

Socio-economic response to climate change in Amur-Heilong River Basin

Map collection: Climate, waters and water management

Maps: Precipitation in Amur River Basin (from Lasserre 2003

Songhua Floodplain map(ADB 2000)

Amur climate  

Amur waters and water management

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Amur waters

Western rivers of headwaters of Amur-Heilong River Basin

Eastern tributaries in Amur-Heilong River Basin

Lakes and reservoirs of Amur-Heilong River Basin

Lakes of Western Amur-Heilong River Basin

Lakes of Eastern Amur-Heilong River Basin


Water management:

River between –environmental perspective on Amur water management

Water infrastructure in the Amur-Heilong River Basin

Dam development in Russia

Water management and dams in China

Water Transfers in China

Water transfers and wells in Mongolia

Development of dykes

Case Study on international planning: "Joint Comprehensive Scheme on Amur and Argun Rivers”

Is there enough water?

WCD lessons for Amur

Water pollution conundrum

Map collection: Climate, waters and water management

Maps: Simplified hydrography of Amur River basin (Basemap)

Detailed hydrography of Amur River basin

Wetlands of Amur

Water infrastructure: dams and water transfers

PDF document: Songhua River pollution maps in PDF (ADB 2005)


Amur river system

Water management

Water pollution

GIS: Amur hydrography, wetlands and water infrastructure

Ecosystems and ecoregions

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Landscape diversity in Amur-Heilong River Basin

Landscape changes throughout recent geological history

Amur-Heilong River Basin Ecoregional zoning

Global 200 ecoregions in Amur-Heilong River Basin


Boreal forests of Amur-Heilong River Basin:

East Siberian taiga

Trans-Baikal coniferous forests

Da Xing'an-Dzhagdy Mountains coniferous forests

Okhotsk-Manchurian taiga


Alpine ecosystems:

Trans-Baikal Bald Mountain Tundra


Tiger forests - Temperate forests:

Ussuri broadleaf and mixed forests

Manchurian mixed forests

Northeast China Plain deciduous forests

Changbai Mountains mixed forests


Global 200 Dauria Steppe:

Daurian forest steppe

Mongolian-Manchurian grassland

Nen River grassland


Global 200 Amur Wetlands:

Amur meadow steppe

Suifen-Khanka meadows and forest meadows

Wetlands of Lower Amur Mountain Valley Ecoregion

Map collection: Land cover, ecosystems and ecoregions

Maps: Topography of Amur Heilong River Basin

Landuse/Land cover –SPOT satellite imagery

Dominant soil types of Amur River Basin

Vegetation map

Vegetation density

Change in Forest Cover in Amur Heilong River Basin


Floristic zones

Fauna types

Terrrestrial ecoregions

Global 200 Ecoregions

Freshwater ecoregions


Map collection: Natural vegetation zones change (Time series - 7 maps)



Way to the Ocean.Okhotsk - Manchurian Taiga

Da Hinggan - Dzhagdy forest ecoregion in Russia

Stanovoi Range: taiga and tundra

Ussury forests

Small Hinggan


Daurian steppe

Song-Nen plain

Amur meadows and wetlands – Amur midflow

Khanka Lake and Upper Ussury Wetlands

Lower Amur Wetlands

GIS: Soil and vegetation

GIS: Land cover/Land use according to satellite imagery.

Species diversity and use of biological resources

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Amphibians and reptiles:

Chinese soft-shelled turtle


Hunting and harvest:


Map collection: Species richness



Breeding birds

Diurnal butterflies

Vascular plants


Species richness index in Southern RFE

Bird migrations


Map collection: Distribution of charismatic species


Kaluga sturgeon

Salmonid diversity

Chinese soft-shelled turtle

Red-crowned crane

White-naped crane

Oriental White Stork

Siberian Spruce Grouse



Mongolian gazelle

Korean pine

Asian ginseng

Map collection: Wildlife trade destinations (12-maps)



Fish diversity





Siberian grouse and its relatives

Waterbirds and bird migrations

Amur cats

Mongolian gazelle

Turtle and other relatives of the black dragon

Plant life in Amur basin

Korean pine



Wildlife trade

GIS: Amur-Heilong Natural Heritage)


Web-site: Hooded crane (Link to

Nature conservation: protected areas and ecological network

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Protected areas in Amur basin

Protected areas coverage in Amur River Basin

Protected areas types in Russia, Mongolia, China

Russian protected areas

Mongolian protected areas

China nature reserves

Protected areas planning

Cooperation between nature reserves


Econet-ecological networks:

WWF Vision for Amur-Heilong Conservation

Conservation along the border

Wetland conservation

Grassland conservation and migratory wildlife

Selected Amur-Heilong protected areass and proposed fields of cooperation (Table)

Major wetland regions of the Amur-Heilong River basin (Table)

Ecological Network for Amur: The Amur-Heilong Green Belt Concept


Model areas for transboundary conservation:

Dauria international Protected Area-DIPA

Middle Amur – Sanjiang wetlands

Khanka – Ussury wetlands and forests

Small Hinggan Mountains-Three Gorges of Dragon River

Land of the Leopard


Map collection: Protected areas


Protected areas of Eurasia

Protected areas and human footprint

Protected areas of Amur-Heilong (all)

Major protected areas of Amur-Heilong

Upper Ussury –Lake Khanka

Khanka Lake international nature reserve

Small Hinggan transboundary area (Manchurian forests ecoregion)

Dauria Steppe Global 200 ecoregion

Protected areas in Russia

Protected areas in China

Protected areas in Mongolia

Three gorges of the Dragon River

GIS: Ecological network

Countries & cultures

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Countries and provinces


Population density and demographic trends

Mongolia Population

China Population

Russia Population


Cultures and languages

Ethnic groups in Mongolia

Ethnic groups in China

Ethnic groups in Russia

Migration processes in Amur-Heilong

Map collection: Countries and cultures


Amur on the globe

Political map of Amur Heilong River basin

Population of AHRB in 1990s

Countries and cultures:




GIS: Population and administrative division

Economic development and its impacts

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Economic development: Sustainable future of Amur-Heilong

Russia – status of economy

Northeast China - status of economy

Mongolia – status of economy

Russia-China cooperation

Mongolian Foreign Trade and Cooperation

Mongolian trade diagrams-2003

Comparison table on Eastern Mongolia and Xinganmeng China

Comparison table on southern RFE and Heilongjiang Province, China

Policy for Revitalizing Old industrial Bases in NE China


Cumulative impacts -how much is affected?

Human Impacts and Threats to Biodiversity

Threats to major ecosystems in the Russian Far East Ecoregion-table


"Strategic considerations on environmental issues of Revitalizing Old industrial Bases in NE China"

"Strategy Recommendations"

Our questions on "Strategy Recommendations"


Gloomy forecast of the future environmental impacts



Map collection: Environmental impacts of economic development


GLOBIO human impact assesment

Human footprint and ecoregions of Amur

Human footprint and protected areas coverage

Threats to biodiversity in Southern Russian Far East

Industrial Development in Songhua River Basin (ADB 2005)


GIS: Human footprint

Web-site:Programs “Development of East Siberia and the Far East”: and atlas

Land use

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Land-use trends:

General trends in land-use

Recent changes in land-use in three countries



Amur Agriculture

Agricultural development in Northeast China

Agricultural development in Eastern Mongolia

Russian agriculture

Russian agricultural land and production in RFE-tables

Northeast Asia cooperation in agriculture

Environmental impacts of argiculture

Land degradation and desertification

Conversion of wildlands to farmland


Other land-use issues:


Nature tourism in the Amur/Heilong River Basin

Transport infrastructure impacts

Oil&gas Basin

Oil&gas impacts

Russian mining

Mongolian mining


Map collection: Landuse and agriculture


Soil Degradation Severity

Abandoned cropland in Zeya Bureya Plains

Frequency of fires in tiger/leopard habitat in Southern Primorsky Province by WCS

Density of cropland in China in 2000 (by Liu 2005)

Cropland change in China in 1990-2000 (by Liu 2005)

Northeast China irrigation (by F.Lasserre)


Map collection: Forestry


Change in Forest Cover in Amur Heilong River Basin

Change in Korean Pine Forest Cover and Composition


Map collection: Oil & gas


Russian oil&gas exports

Pipelines in Amur River basin


Map collection: Transportation


Northeast Asia Transportation (TumenNET GEF project map)

Major Trans-Asian Railroads

Asian major highway route map

Proposed Millenium Road in Mongolia


Agriculture in China

Agriculture in Russia

Agriculture in Mongolia

Wild fires

Land degradation

Oil & gas and mining

Transportation infrastructure

Logging and timber trade

Non-timber forest products


International policy

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International agreements and conservation policy - Need for a Cooperation Framework


Russia-China agreements on environmental protection and natural resources(table)

China-Mongolia environmental agreements

Mongolia-Russia cooperation

Ramsar convention in Amur Basin

Participation in biodiversity conventions

Examples of bilateral and regional conventions and action plans

GEF in Amur Basin

Overlapping GEF projects in Amur-Heilong River basin (PPT slide) International cooperation  



Amur-Heilong River Basin Reader link to full PDF and References      

Amur-Heilong Natural Heritage (GIS project attachments)


Natural and Cultural Heritage of Amur:

Daurian steppe
Boreal taiga forests
Wetlands of Dauria
Song - Nen Plain wetlands
Stanovoy Range alpine tundra
Amur River mouth
Sikhote-Alin Mountain range
Khanka and Ussury wetlands
Changbaishan volcano
Land of the Leopard
Hinggan Gorges
Sanjiang-Middle Amur wetlands

Keystone species profiles and species distribution maps:

Mongolian gazelle
White-naped crane
Red-crowned crane
Oriental white stork
Korean pine
Amur leopard
Amur tiger
Anadromous salmon
Siberian spruce grouse
Swan goose
Kaluga sturgeon
Soft-shell turtle
Mountain sheep

Introductory tour of Amur basin

Natural Heritage photogalleries:

GIS: Amur-Heilong Natural Heritage