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Analysis of fulfillment of 1997-2008 strategy of Amur tiger conservation in Russia

The document is considered to be a basis for more specifically oriented programs, short-term plans and urgent actions. It contains general oppinion of the experts, who studied tiger. Strategy was to show people, who deal with tiger protection, the problems and perspectives of the topic.

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Strategy for conservation of the Long-Tailed Goral in Russia

The present work is done to unify all the data on protection and study of the long-tailed goral in Russia, to create the system of its protection and monitoring in a long-time perspective. Strategy is also used to explain the wide range of the readers the existence of the problem and possible solutions.

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The strategy of Amur tiger conservation in Russia

The aim of this document - the development and introducition of the mechanisms of species conservation with the maximal genetic diversity, establishing its existance in the new socioeconomic conditions.

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