Protocol of the "Terneyles" board of directors and WWF-Russia (Amur branch) representatives meeting

Document confirms that a number of less disturbed forests massives will be excluded from use, also some joint field research that will take place, as well as a joint screening of logging location and volume, and location and volume of benchmark forests.

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Report on field and indoors research on zoning and verification of HCVF and creation of theoretic basis and system of research methods of hemiboreal forests of the Far East.

The report on research and identification of HCVF on the territories under Terneyles co ltd., Roshinskiy KLPH co ltd., Melnichnoe co ltd, Arkaim company lease, as well as research done on Bikin NHZ for rationale of pine-broadleaved forests in 2009 The work was done in consistence with agreement № 09-04/21-13НП between NGO Transparent world nad WWF-Russia, Amur branch - Russia - 21.04.2009

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