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Administrative devision of China (line)

Line layer (Administrative border) 1:1000000 scale. Created from data: UNEP, WWF Amur Branch.To show all administrative division in China with complete attributes (description).

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Fauna protection trainings in PRC

Short review of the research and experience exchange in students' training in conservation of wildlife and search of ways to build cooperation in different aspects of conservation.

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Land use change in (North East) China in 1990-2000

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Protected areas of Amur basin

Protected Areas in Amur River basin (Polygon layer). Scale 1:100000 - 1:1000000) Layer presents data on legally protected natural areas ( see PA TYPE in attribute table) and known areas where such protection is planned by governments or proposed by authoritative expert organizations. Layer contains polygons indicationg location of protected areas or indiviual clusters of multiple-cluster protected areas. Layer distibguishes different management zones of protected areas ( in Russia and Mongolia) when such information was available. Any given protected area or a cluster/zone thereof is also reflected as a point in corresponding shapefile pa_amur_p dataset is represented by centroid point of that polygon. The layer covers Amur River Basin and adjacent regions within standard dataframe used by WWF Amur Branch. This layer developed by compilation from multiple datasets produced by several organizations and updated with additional information on individual PAs derived from various documents and maps. Associated attribute information covers wide spectrum of data: area, administrative jurisdiction, type of legal protection, type of protected natural objects, year of establishment, international nominations, availability of PA shape in polygon layer, source and originator of record, etc. Information is incomplete and is constantly updated. We recommend to use this layer in conjunction with polygon layer pa_amur_p, which contains known locations for all protected areas from the same dataset (centroid points) and approximate location of other PAs.

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