Pavel Fomenko, the coordinator of biodiversity conservation projects of WWF-Russia Amur branch, conducts an expertise of contraband ginseng root

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The customs officers from Ussuriiskii customs house has ceased the contraband of wild ginseng during the attempt of its trafficking to China by a regular bus.
On 27 June, the customs officers in cooperation with the border service at the customs checkpoint of Turiy Rog have found two plastic bags in one of the enclosures of the regular bus while it was passing customs procedure before going to China. The insides of the bags turned out to be ginseng roots wrapped into fabric: 160 “life roots” with total weight of 2,5 kilograms. The weight of individual roots varied from 6g. to 50g., but there were rarest in size roots with the weight up to 200g.!
The bus driver, a Chinese citizen, could not explain how these rarest roots appeared in the transport vehicle. At present, it is considered to initiate a criminal case according to the article 188, part 1 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation – contraband on an especially large scale. Ginseng was confiscated and sent to expertise which was conducted with participation of the experts of WWF-Russia Amur branch

Date: 27/06/2010

Subtype: Photo

Theme: Other protected species, Poaching

Region: Primorskiy province

Tags: expertise, ginseng root, экспертиза, Женьшень

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Author: Starostina Elena, WWF-Russia

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