Leopard song

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Hymn for the leopard created by Pavel Khoroshutin. The mother leopard is sitting under the cedar tree together with her cub. The kitten is cute and furry, the touching little thing. But he is nervous and scared because somewhere very close one might hear the sounds of chainsaws and tractors. It only seems that nothing could be done to protect the remaining 30 cats. If we really want to save them we should combine our efforts.

Subtype: Audio

Theme: Far Eastern leopard

Activity: Advocacy/propaganda

Tags: Земля Леопарда, Land of Leopard

Added: 02/06/2009 07:15:49, Administrator

Last update: 19/04/2010 03:05:34, Olga Sass

Author: Pavel Khoroshutin, WWF-Russia

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