Golden rivers

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This project and the first issue of the Golden Rivers bulletin is a unique joint venture of Chinese, Mongolian and Russian experts and conservation groups to confront a common problem: massive destruction of rivers, forests and wetlands by gold-mining.
The project so far has received f nancial support from Global Green Grants Foundation, Whitley Fund for Nature, and has been jointly executed by Rivers Without Boundaries, Beijing Forestry University and the Amur branch of WWF-Russia.

Date: 12/05/2012

Subtype: Unidentified

Theme: Pollution, Transboundary water issues, Geology, Land use, Gold mining

Region: Russia-Amur, China-Amur, Mongolia - Amur

Ecoregion: All Amur

Basins: Amur-аll

Activity: Situational analysis/review, Project/organization planning, Enforcement, Advocacy/propaganda, Field research/monitoring, Other research

Language: Russian

Tags: золоторазработки, загрязнение, горнорудное производство, Золотодобыча

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Author: Egidarev Eugene, Simonov Evgeny

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Бассейн р.Амур


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