Adaptation to climate change in the river basins of Dauria: ecology and water management

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This collection includes the first results of implementing the complex program “Influence of climate changes on the ecosystems of Dauria ecoregion and nature-protecting adaptations to them”, which is being
realized on the basis of the Dauria international protected area. An important part of the program is the project “Dauria Going Dry” initiated by the Daursky biosphere reserve and WWF Russia under the Convention on transboundary waters of the UN Economic commission for Europe. The program and the project have been also supported by Ramsar Convention and the Russian Committee of MAB. An active part in realization of the project took Rivers without Boundaries Coalition, in realization of the program – specialists of the Dauria international protected area. The project must facilitate solution of the key problem – preventing degradation of the natural ecosystems in Dauria and preserving globally endangered species under conditions of intensified economic development and periodic water deficitin the region caused by climatic cycles.
In the course of the program’s realization regular publication of collections (or bulletins) is planned
with scientifi c information about the results of the work. In this issue – the first of the planned ones – there is information about the program it self, the transboundary monitoring network elaborated within the program, and also analytical material acquired in the reserve’s own research and by the partners about functioning of the natural ecosystems, their natural dynamics, and about the influence of anthropogenic activity on natural processes.

Date: 27/10/2012

Subtype: Scientific data

Theme: Protected areas, Water management, Biodiversity issues, Other protected species, Other species, Wildlife trade, Fishery, Aquatic flora and fauna, Freshwater flagspecies, Landscape, Precipitation and temperature, Climate change, Land use, Agriculture, Urbanization, Industry, Infrustructure, Energy, Sustainable development, Governance, Land degradation, Drought, Gold mining, Pipelines, Habitat change, Regional development

Region: Zabaykalskiy province, Inner Mongolia, Mongolia

Ecoregion: Dauria Steppe

Basins: Shilka-all, Argun-all, Amur-upper

Activity: Situational analysis/review, Project/organization planning, Economic assessment/planning, Enforcement, Other research, Management

Language: English, Russian

Tags: ecosystem services, ecoregions dauria steppe, climate, Dauria

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