Dams in Amur River basin (points)

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Dams in Amur River basin (Point layer. Scale 1:100000 - 1:1000000) The layer covers Amur River Basin and adjacent regions within standard dataframe used by WWF Amur Branch. Preliminary inventory of Dams in Amur River basin and immediate vicinity. Layer contains all data available to WWF-Amur Branch from various sources on planned and existing dams and reservoirs.

Date: 24/09/2009

Subtype: Topographic

Theme: Inland waters

Region: Russia-Amur, China-Amur, Mongolia - Amur

Ecoregion: All Amur

Basins: Amur-аll

Language: English

Tags: reservoir, dam, водохранилище, дамба

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Author: Egidarev Eugene, Simonov Evgeny

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