Seasonally/regularly inundated areas

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Polygon layer (Seasonally/regularly inundated areas) 1:1000000 scale. Created from data VMap0 to show all Seasonally/regularly inundated areas (floodplain meadows) in Amur River basin with complete attributes.

Date: 24/09/2009

Subtype: Topographic

Theme: Flood protection and dykes, Wetland protection, Inland waters, Precipitation and temperature

Region: Russia-Amur, China-Amur, Mongolia - Amur

Ecoregion: All Amur

Basins: Amur-аll

Language: English

Tags: inundated

Added: 24/09/2009 04:42:37, Administrator

Last update: 19/04/2010 02:50:40, Yulia Kalashnikova

Author: Egidarev Eugene, Simonov Evgeny

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