Mongolian River Resources

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Mongolian River Resources website is to provide information on a wide spectrum of topics related to natural resource use and the environment in Mongolia. This includes issues within Mongolia, and relevant international information and experiences. The need for information pertinent to the environment, ecology, and resource use, available to a broad audience with diverse interests and needs, was identified during the initial year of The Asia Foundation’s Securing Our Future program. As a result, this site has been developed to help individuals and organizations access information and acquire knowledge, and to enable them to locate groups, entities and projects of interest.
Contains Mongolian selected laws in English. News mostly relate to mining.
Sustained by the Asia Foundation/Securing Our Future Program/ UB

Date: 03/12/2009

Subtype: Project or organization

Theme: Water management, Land use, Sustainable development, Governance, Land degradation, Gold mining, Hydrocarbons extraction, Habitat change, Regional development

Region: Mongolia

Basins: Onon, Ulz-Torey Lakes, Dalai-Buir lakes, Kherlen, Khalkh, Mongolia-other

Activity: Situational analysis/review, Project/organization planning, Enforcement, Advocacy/propaganda, Field research/monitoring, Education, Training

Language: English, Mongolian

Tags: mining, law

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