Water Systems Analysis Group

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The fundamental goal of the Water Systems Analysis Group (WSAG) is to act as a formal, active research and advanced training unit within the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space at the University of New Hampshire.The group is dedicated to analysis of the critical global change issue of water systems and their alteration by anthropogenic activities.
Arctic hydrology
Humans and the global water cycle
Monitoring the status of inland and coastal waters
Land-river-coastal systems
International training program for water studies.

Very rich collection of global datasets.

Date: 04/12/2009

Subtype: Project or organization

Theme: Water management, Inland waters, Climate change

Region: Global

Activity: Situational analysis/review, Education, Training

Language: English

Tags: hydrology

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Links: http://www.wsag.unh.edu/index.html, data


New Hampshire, USA

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