Way to the Ocean. Okhotsk - Manchurian Taiga

Object ID: 506

Subtype: Photo

Ecoregion: Okhotsk-Manchurian taiga

Tags: Amur disc, ecoregions, ecosystem, boreal forest

Added: 21/12/2009 08:05:02, Olga Sass

Last update: 22/04/2010 06:47:13, Olga Sass

Author: Egidarev Eugene

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file.extension: JPG

file.id: 506

file.original_name: egidareve_okhotskforest_11.JPG

file.size: 2803701

image.bits: 8

image.channels: 3

image.exif.datetime: 18/08/2005 03:19:17

image.exif.make: Canon

image.exif.model: Canon PowerShot A80

image.height: 1704

image.mime: image/jpeg

image.width: 2272

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