Guo Yu Min

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Dr. Guo - professor of Nature Conservation Institute of Beijing Forestry University. Expert on bird conservation and banding, famous for research on Hooded crane biology.

Date: 14/04/2005

Subtype: Person

Theme: Biodiversity issues, Oriental white stork, Other protected species, Other species, Wildlife trade

Region: China-Amur

Ecoregion: Amur meadow steppe - Middle Amur/Sanjian plain, Da Xing'an-Dzhagdy Mountains coniferous forests, Manchurian mixed forests

Activity: Project/organization planning, Advocacy/propaganda, Field research/monitoring, Education

Tags: Hooded crane, bird banding, forest swamp

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Guo Yumin
School of Nature Conservation
Beijing Forestry University
Beijing Haidian District, P.R.China
Tel: 86-10-6233-6065, 86-136-7467-6731 Fax:86-10-6233-6724


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