Planned refuge Strelnikovskiy

Object ID: 920

Map of the planned refuge Strelnikovskiy on the scale of 1:100000. On A1 page format.

Date: 20/04/2010

Subtype: Illustration

Theme: Protected areas, Amur tiger, Other protected species, Freshwater flagspecies

Region: Primorskiy province

Basins: Ussury-transboundary

Activity: Project/organization planning

Language: Russian

Tags: Планируемые ООПТ, ООПТ, protected areas

Added: 22/04/2010 00:02:40, Egidarev Eugene

Last update: 22/04/2010 02:51:30, Yulia Kalashnikova

Author: Egidarev Eugene, Darman Yuriy

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р.Уссури - Лучегорск


Object IDs: 919



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