Maps of rare species of Birskiy refuge of Khabarovskiy province identified by IWEP FEB RAS in expedition 2007

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The document contains the results of the work done on DR30/RU009604/ GLM project - Conservation of HCVF of the Far Eastern Region, by developing the network of PAs. The objects, principles and methods of Specially Protected Forest Stands identification in the Russian Far East were studied. Their estimation and recommendations were given. New types of Specially Protected Forest Stands were offered in the habitats of rare and protected species of the south of Khabarovskiy province. Basing on the field and indoors research was prepared the variant of Specially Protected Forest Stands identification on the model refuge territories - Birskiy and Mataiskiy.

Date: 01/01/2007

Subtype: Report

Theme: Provincial PA, Other protected species, Vegetation

Region: Khabarovsk province

Language: Russian

Tags: ОЗУЛ, растения, редкие виды, Матайский заказник, Бирский заказник

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