Tiger skin expertise

Object ID: 959

The conclusion of the expert - tiger was killed by poachers

Subtype: Photo

Theme: Amur tiger, Wildlife trade, Poaching

Tags: law enforcement, шкура тигра, дериваты, tiger skin, derivatives, tiger parts

Added: 14/05/2010 03:35:42, Olga Sass

Last update: 14/05/2010 03:45:43, Olga Sass

Author: Fomenko Pavel, WWF-Russia

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Links: http://www.wwf.ru/resources/news/article/eng/6448



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file.id: 959

file.original_name: Вывод эксперта однозначен_ тигр убит браконьером.JPG

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image.exif.datetime: 21/04/2008 02:14:10

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